S T Y L E D I A R Y: Inspiration bubble

november 15, 2014

Inspiration bubble

I've had lots of sudden waves of inspiration lately. Constantly getting new ideas, that i have to do immediately or else i will explode. These waves of inspiration and ideas leads to hundreds of projects going on at once and a total chaos in my head, yet this bubbly feeling of excitement.At the moment, the 90's are one of my biggest inspirations, among with the 60's bright colors and pop art, east-European national costumes and even japanese cake.
the 90's just ooze of effortlessness and purity. loove the cuts, shapes and mix of textures. 

The 60's
Nothing beats the sixties in boldness and rawness. The decade featured a number of diverse trends. It was a decade that broke many fashion traditions, mirroring social movements during the time. also the miniskirt were invented. One of the most inspiring waves in fashion history.

Bright colors and cake
Loving the mix of bright colors both from Japanese-streetstyle and the east-european dresses. And who wouldn't like to dress like a cake?

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