S T Y L E D I A R Y: Sweet November

november 25, 2014

Sweet November

Sweater - Vintage (from an old lady store in Fjordgata)     Mesh-top - Pattuinam, Bangkok

The winter is here. Although it came later than usual, it came as a shock, cold and brutal. It was even snowing a few days ago, so please excuse my facial expression in the photos, it was -1 degrees, absolutely freezing. But even though November is cold, it's still one of my favorite months. Since it get dark early, Christmas-lights show up everywhere in town, and because of the cold, you need to dress all packed up in tons and tons of layers, which kinda make you feel like a chubby teddy bear. All these lights and warm sweaters really make the Christmas-spirit sneak in. (I've already started on a few gifts ha-ha) But the thing I love the most about November, is that everything is so pretty, the cold makes everything freeze, which make everything outside look glittery and pretty!   

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