S T Y L E D I A R Y: Lately

desember 12, 2014


 Some of my looks from the past week. Been wearing doctor martens nonstop because of the cold and unpredictable weather lately. It's already 12th of December, hope to see the snow again soon! This weekend I'm planning to make a lot of art and Christmas gifts, and maybe a top or two that I sketched a while ago. Can't wait to show you the results! 
1. all white(the snow stopped me from wearing my white airmax) 
2. black peplum skort and fury sparkle top
3. mustard peplum skort featuring black turtleneck and babushka phone-case  
4. all grey - mididress and sweatshirt from weekday
(couldn't bring my heels into the wardrobe at the gym.) 

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