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januar 15, 2015

Wear it two ways

It's easy to fall for commercialized trends, but one of the current trends is actually pretty cool. It's about pieces that can be worn two ways! It can either be turned, flipped or cropped, how convenient isn't that? I'm all about dressing practical, so this trend is a go for me. I'm already in possession of the two-way Zara scarf, and i can't wait to get another piece. But as any other trend, it's not cool if you take it far, so don't wear your jeans backwards, but invest in a piece, or two, that's timeless and has good quality instead.
This dress isn't really my style, but I had to try it, just because the tag said it could be worn both ways! Love the long black trenchcoat from weekday with removable arms. Also the reversal bomber jacket is pretty cool, even tho it's not my kind of pattern on the non-black side, I love the idea of turning the jacket into a completely different one. Would love to have one in black and white instead. The Zara scarf is just love-able, it's the same idea as the bomber.
Trenchcoat - Weekday  Scarf - Zara  Bomberjacket - Never Denim

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