S T Y L E D I A R Y: Lately

februar 05, 2015


Of late it's been freezing cold and so much ice outside. And my outfits really reflect this weather, tons of layers and no heels. Anyways, I'm planning to blog a lot the following weeks, the sun is slowly but surely coming back, so it's much better lightning for pictures and doesn't get dark before noon. 
1. Marble sweater - Mönarch // Peplum skort - Pattuinam
2. Sweatshirt - Weekday // Plaid skirt - Vintage
3. Black sherling sweater - Monki // Skirt - NewLook 
4. Shirt - Comme des garcons PLAY // Jeans - Topshop

2 kommentarer:

  1. skjønner ikke hvordan du holder så bra stil i - 30 c. rutete skjørt er best !

    1. thankyuu, ikke så kreative antrekk men!