S T Y L E D I A R Y: Velcro sneakers

juli 19, 2015

Velcro sneakers

dress WEEKDAY // bumbag VINTAGE // shoes AMEYOKO

Had great plans capturing al of my outfits in Japan, but as usual I postponed it for over a week, and then all of a sudden the mirror in my DSLR broke! All I got before it broke was some lousey tourist-shots. Oh how I regret not taking time for a few simple shots during the first days. Now you'll have to cope with all my other good, and not so good, soulutions. I hope you enjoy! These are phone shots from a late night, on which I now realise not so good location/background, as I only thought of where to get the best light, ended up using the light from a vending machine. I'm wearing what my family calls "the pyjama dress", an AA-turtleneck and a vintage bumbag feauturing some male-sized japanese velcro sneakers bought in Ameyoko, Tokyo. 

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  1. I think these pictures turned out quite artistic! :) I really like how you wore that bumbag! Looks cool.