S T Y L E D I A R Y: Glitter playsuit

desember 03, 2015

Glitter playsuit

playsuit BY ME  //  fishnet tights AMERICAN APPAREL  //  platform boots DR.MARTENS

Polaroids from Shinjuku, Tokyo, wearing a sparkling playsuit made by me! I remember that I was wearing tights and boots almost every day even though it was over 30 degrees, just because I wanted to... Now that I'm in Bangkok i miss being able to layer up, even if it's only a couple of degrees warmer than it was in Tokyo during summer, the air is so humid that it is almost impossible. I guess thats the thing I'm the most excited about when it comes to flying over to cold Norway in a week!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

    1. Thanks, i was there from june til august.. Really want to go back, planning to go again in 2016!

  2. Love these polaroids. Streets in Japan always look so iconic. :)


  3. Thanks girl! Japan is amazing right