S T Y L E D I A R Y: Golden day dreams

mai 17, 2016

Golden day dreams

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In the occasion of today being Norways national day and summer approaching(well its summer all year around where I live), I thought I would share with you my dream outfit of the week by Zara. It is incredibly simple but yet so luxurios. The temprature is around 40 degrees celsius here everyday, so lightweight clothing is essential, layering in any way is not an option this time of the year. I'm being indeciesive about which pair of shoes to get, the golden sandals are so pretty(I think Zara's lookbook sold me on them), the black tracksoles are timeless and maybe a bit more wearable. The golden sneakers are just beautiful, I have been eye-balling a pair of siver ones for the longest time but can't seem to find the perfect pair - I think I'm starting to get used to the thought of gold instead.. 
Which pair is your favorite? 

EDIT: Bought! Well, the jumpsuit dress - All the shoes were soldout(and the black pair turned out to be khaki) 

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