januar 29, 2017

Trend alert: Tie-sleeves and metallic faux leather

Want to start a real blog, should I make a new one or use this one?

oktober 01, 2016


Ah, the month of september.. I moved in to a new apartment(on 13th floor!!), got back into daily routines, broke my camera and did a lot of shopping. Key-words have been: ruffles, embrodery, block heels, stars and more ruffles! 

mai 17, 2016

Golden day dreams

Untitled #40
In the occasion of today being Norways national day and summer approaching(well its summer all year around where I live), I thought I would share with you my dream outfit of the week by Zara. It is incredibly simple but yet so luxurios. The temprature is around 40 degrees celsius here everyday, so lightweight clothing is essential, layering in any way is not an option this time of the year. I'm being indeciesive about which pair of shoes to get, the golden sandals are so pretty(I think Zara's lookbook sold me on them), the black tracksoles are timeless and maybe a bit more wearable. The golden sneakers are just beautiful, I have been eye-balling a pair of siver ones for the longest time but can't seem to find the perfect pair - I think I'm starting to get used to the thought of gold instead.. 
Which pair is your favorite? 

EDIT: Bought! Well, the jumpsuit dress - All the shoes were soldout(and the black pair turned out to be khaki) 

april 12, 2016


dungaree dress  BY ME // crotchet top GIFT // heels ZARA

Last week while searching through Zara's new items, i found this amazing crotche cardigan or kimono as they called it, with the stiff price tag for a such an item of a 100$, and immediatly texted my sister; can you make this for me plsss?? (as I'm too impatient to crotche something that huge, haha). The following day we left town to visit my boyfriend's familily, and don't you think his aunt had just finnished this gorgeous red crothe top/blouse? What a coincidence, it could not have had any better timing! Don't you just love how life playes out sometimes? It has trumpet sleeves and the front and back is hemmed lower than the sides, giving it kind of split sides.

mars 21, 2016


 top SECONDHAND // collar BY ME // jeans & shoes TOPSHOP 

Simple, yet it features all of my favourites at the moment: effortless-looking jeans, offshoulder, pointy shoes and bell-sleves, what more can you ask for in your basics? The jeans are in the middle of a DIY-prosess, was going for cut out knees, but seeing them on the screen like this, i think they are allready starting to look pretty good. Watch out for a diy on distressing denim in near future! 

februar 13, 2016

Add some sparkle!

Playful wishlist

murphy tee GANNI  //  flats  & perfume MIU MIU  // bag OPENING CEROMONY  //  phonecase MARC BY MARC JACOBS  //  liptint & eye mist TONYMOLLY

Some playful yet sophisticated accesories to add some sparkle to your wardrobe(and life) this spring! I discovered all of the products pictured above just this week, and I can't seem to get my mind off them! The gorgous MiuMiu flats are fresh in store, just lunched earlier this month! But some more affordable sparks would the bannana tee from Ganni, and not to mention the korean cosmetic line Tony Molly which has the cutest packaged beauty products with great quality! 

januar 10, 2016

The white tee

Okay, I'm sure you have heard this a million times before, but the white tee truly is a classic. It can be used in so many different ways, and the variations are endless. I have no count on how many times it have saved me from an outfit crisis, and I recommend to invest in quality when it comes to the white tee, as this is a piece that will stay in your wardrobe forever. Here I've gathered a few favorite tee's in different price ranges, and styles to make your wardrobe ready for the new year: 

desember 03, 2015

Glitter playsuit

playsuit BY ME  //  fishnet tights AMERICAN APPAREL  //  platform boots DR.MARTENS

Polaroids from Shinjuku, Tokyo, wearing a sparkling playsuit made by me! I remember that I was wearing tights and boots almost every day even though it was over 30 degrees, just because I wanted to... Now that I'm in Bangkok i miss being able to layer up, even if it's only a couple of degrees warmer than it was in Tokyo during summer, the air is so humid that it is almost impossible. I guess thats the thing I'm the most excited about when it comes to flying over to cold Norway in a week!

november 28, 2015


fishnet jersey and crop top WEEKDAY  //  midi-skirt TOPSHOP  // shoes STYLENANDA

 One of my outfits in Tokyo a couple of months ago! Wearing midi-skirt, fishnet and my (r.i.p.)favorite shoes in a purikura-booth. Have been dreading to post lately due to lack of scanner and camera, as I have a lot of analogues from Japan. But I've decided I want to kick this blog up a couple of knocks - Time for renovation!

Any suggestions for a new blog title? 

september 19, 2015

Lace lace lace

lace lace lace

Latest addition to my endless shoe-wish list: varnished lace up shoes!  Is there anything more sexy than that? Preferably flat or with a low block heel(second obsession) and with either square(third obsession) or pointed tip. I wouldn't mind a pair of traditional chinese emroided shoes either, so elegant and so chic. My favorite from this collection must be the Tory Burch Varenne lace-up flats(the middle left ones). Which ones do you prefer?